Susan Cobey, shares her  years of experience in teaching this technical skill of  instrumental insemination of honey bee queens. This vital tool is essential for developing and maintaining a modern honey bee breeding program. Sue also has extensive experience in developing and maintaining a closed breeding program to produce her New World Carniolan bee stock. Her love of beekeeping and teaching shines through in this 30-minute DVD instructional program

Susan Cobey offers specialized instrumental insemination classes in Washington State. Individual and small classes provide the attention and detail required to learn the technique. Classes are intensive and geared to individual needs, at all levels. Advanced classes are designed to increase success, efficiency and trouble shoot.  The various aspects covered may include specialized beekeeping practices to rear, care for and establish instrumentally inseminated queens, as needed. Note - the more familiar you are with the equipment & techniques, the more detail you will retain, therefore some prior experience is strongly advised. Classes are scheduled during the late spring and summer season. Please inquire for details and to book dates.

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Individual or Group Training with Susan Cobey

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