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Susan Cobey


is an acknowledged international authority in the field of instrumental insemination and honey bee breeding. She has established and maintains the New World Carniolan Closed Population Breeding Program, now in its 39th generation, a recognized industry standard and a model pro-gram for teaching. Her specialized training classes, designed to teach the skills necessary for the selection and maintenance of honey bee stocks, attracts researchers and beekeepers worldwide. Sue’s experience includes management of Honey Bee Research Laboratories at the Ohio University State and the University of California, Davis. She developed an independent research program focused on post instrumental insemination care and survival of queens. Her extensive experience includes co-founding and operation of a commercial queen production business, Vaca Valley Apiaries in California

About Susan Cobey and Tim Lawrence

Honey Bee Insemination Service

She also dispenses information in presentations, publications and instructional courses for both scientific and industry audiences, worldwide. Working with Washington State University and U.S. queen producers, Sue’s current focus is enhancement of U.S. honey bee breeding stocks. Honey bee germplasm of several European subspecies imported from their native homeland are being incorporated into US breeding stocks. The goal is to increase colony vitality and tolerance/resistance to pests and diseases. Numerous studies clearly show that genetic diversity enhances colony fitness and provides the raw material for stock improvement.

Tim Lawrence

helps with beekeeping, queen rearing, and stock evaluation. He is an Associate Professor and County Director for Washington State University Extension in Island County, located within the Puget Sound in Western Washington. He has worked with honey bees since childhood, including 20 years as a commercial beekeeper. He holds a Ph.D. in environmental sciences with a focus on human dimensions from The Ohio State University. His primary interest is in the human interaction with the natural environment. He holds an adjunct appointment with the WSU Department of Entomology, Honey Bee Health Program. He enjoys working around the home with "Paco" . a 100+lb Great Pyrenees. He also enjoys taking on new challenges.