HBIS is proud to offer the a new instrument choice for insemination of queen bees, The Loc-Woyke  instrument provides the high quality standard of precision in fine movement required for ease and high repeatability of the technique.

The instrument has been modified to HBIS specifications. The Loc-Woyke  instrument accommodates the forceps pressure grip sting hook and is paired with the Harbo large capacity syringe. Click Sue for more information about the Loc Instrument.

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Honey Bee Insemination Service

Economical Model 101

An innovative large capacity syringe designed to simplify the collection, handling, storage and shipment of se- men, the Harbo syringe increases efficiency and provides specific requirements for specialized research purposes.
It is compatible with most insemination instruments on the market.

Standard Model 102

The standard Model 102 instrument has a heavy, sturdy base for stability. The ball & socket hook holder assemblies are heavy duty with moveable columns for easy adjustments. The queen bee holder assembly is also moveable for easy adjustments. The instrument comes with the forceps pressure grip hook and the standard Schley syringe, unless otherwise specified. The perforated sting hook and the standard Harbo large capacity syringe are compatible and available.

The Schley Insemination Instruments are precision machined, highly adjustable and provide precision in fine and accurate movements with high repeatability and low maintenance. The instruments consist of a sturdy base supporting; ball & socket assemblies to provide smooth movement of hooks – a ventral hook and pressure grips forceps or perforated sting hook; a syringe manipulator and syringe; and a queen holder assembly - including the set of queen & backup tubes. Parts are made of stainless steel material and the base is brass with a plated finish. The choice of various types of syringes can be used with both models: the standard Schley syringe, The Harbo large capacity syringe and the Schley modified Harbo - type of syringe.

The Loc-Woyke  Insemination Instrument With Syringe Guide 

Harbo Large Capacity Syringe

Schley Insemination Instruments

The Model 101 instrument is lighter in weight, has a flat base that can be securely screwed in place for stability. The ball & socket hook holder assemblies are smaller with fixed columns in perfect alignment. The queen bee holder assembly is simplified, although adjustable. Choice of sting hooks - the forceps pressure grip hook or perforated sting hook are available. Choice of the syringe type is also available - the standard Schley syringe or the Schley modified Harbo - type of syringe.