Insemination Training with Susan Cobey 

Instrumental insemination is an essential tool for research and for developing and maintaining a honey bee breeding program.  Susan Cobey shares her extensive experience and technical skills to provide detailed instruction in the technique and the specialized beekeeping practices needed for success. Her experience includes developing and maintaining a closed population breeding program to produce 40 generations of the New World Carniolan, an industry standard. 

Insemination classes are kept small to provide individual attention and allow for intensive practice with a focus on individual needs. Advanced classes are designed to increase success and efficiency and troubleshoot any issues.  Note - the more familiar you are with the equipment & techniques, the more questions you will have and the more details you will retain. Therefore, prior experience is highly recommended. Please see the instructional material and videos.  Classes are scheduled during the late spring and summer season. Classes can also be arranged at your location, with the requirement of sufficient live material and proper instrumentation. Please inquire for details by contacting Susan directly via the contact page. Also, inquire about equipment needs and upgrades. 

Video link to instrumental insemination video

Below are links to 3 videos, available online,  for those interested in Honey Bee Selection & Breeding,  Instrumental Insemination, and Cryogenic Preservation. 

Link to Video on selection methods for honey bee breeding
Link to video on cryopreservation of honey bee semen

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