Honey Bee Insemination Service

The Loc Instrument offers a unique design feature of Loc instrument is the long handled syringe guide that allows precise manipulation of the syringe and tip. The syringe guide is used by the left hand, while the right hand remains free to insert the tip and inject semen into the median oviduct.  This innovation was designed to provide ease of use and high efficiency in production of I.I. queens. Based upon the lever principle, movements of the syringe guide are reduced to small precise movements of the syringe tip. Movements of the tip are made with the syringe guide, using the left hand. The procedure of introducing the tip into the queen’s oviduct is made by the right hand  , aided by the syringe guide manipulated by the left hand. 

Initially, the tip of the semen filled syringe is positioned dorsally of the vaginal orifice and inserted about 0.5 mm into the vaginal cavity. The syringe guide is lifted with the left hand, moving the tip ventrally to press the valvefold against the vaginal wall, opening passage into the median oviduct. The tip is then inserted 1 to 1.5 mm and the semen introduced directly into the median oviduct and the semen injected into both lateral oviducts.

 These two steps of the tip introduction are made as one continuous motion. The right hand guides the syringe tip while the left hand, aided by the syringe guide, moves the tip dorsal-ventrally.

 The long handled syringe guide was designed by Dr Jerzy Woyke to eliminate the use of the valve fold probe and the need for transversal rotation of the syringe block holder around the vertical support post. Today, valvefold probes are not routinely used.  Glass tips, with their smaller outside diameter, have replaced the use of glass tips. Glass tips can be made in various sizes and shapes to accommodate variations is racial characteristics of queens  - the  size of the median oviduct opening , and personal preferences of the insemination  the angled or straight finish of the glass tips.

Loc Instrumental Insemination Instrument With Syringe Guide